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Dog Bites Attorney in Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney Representing People Hurt by Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Dogs and other animals can make wonderful pets, but when someone is bitten, the consequences can be extremely serious. Particularly for children, dog bites can result in deep puncture wounds, tissue damage, disfiguring scars and, often, psychological harm.

If you have been attacked or bitten by an animal, it is extremely important to seek medical attention immediately. Animal and dog bites can require stitches and rabies shots. It is easy for an animal bite to become infected from the bacteria found in an animal's mouth.

At the law firm of Joseph A. DeWoskin, PC, we are here to help Missouri and Kansas clients heal after the trauma of a dog bite. Contact us today for a free initial consultation and have an experienced lawyer evaluate your dog bite claim.

Hold the Owner Responsible

Important Information About Dog Attacks

In both Kansas and Missouri, dog owners are responsible for their animals' behavior. When the owner is negligent and a dog bites, the victim is entitled to compensation for medical bills, therapy, lost wages, care costs, pain, suffering and other losses resulting from the attack.

Dog owners can be considered negligent if they should have known their animals were dangerous and did not take reasonable steps to prevent harm to others. Just as premises liability law requires all property owners to keep their properties reasonably safe, dog owners can be considered negligent if they fail to take reasonable steps to prevent a dog from attacking visitors.

Attorney Joseph A. DeWoskin knows the law and can help you make a compensation claim from the dog owner's homeowner's insurance policy.

Injuries From Other Domestic Animals

While dog bites are the most common animal injuries, other pets can also cause serious injuries. Even scratches, nips and scrapes have been known to result in infections, serious scarring, and tissue damage that can require costly medical care.

We can perform a thorough investigation of the incident, including documenting the extent of the injuries, examining veterinary records and determining whether the pet owner was negligent. That information will help us obtain full and fair compensation for you.

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