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Soft Tissue Injuries Attorney in Kansas City, Kansas

Missouri And Kansas Attorney Representing Soft Tissue Injury Victims

Soft tissue injuries, such as muscle, ligament, nerve and tendon damage, are often hard to detect and treat, but they can have long-term consequences. A soft tissue injury can occur from repetitive movement (a repetitive stress injury), or from trauma, such as a fall or a car accident. If you are suffering from a soft tissue injury caused by someone elses' negligence or wrongdoing, you may have grounds for a strong personal injury claim.

Unlike many law firms that do not take soft tissue injury cases, the law firm of Joseph A. DeWoskin, PC, is happy to help people who are suffering from these less visible but still serious injuries. Our goal is to help our Kansas and Missouri clients recover full and fair compensation for their medical bills, care costs, lost wages and other losses.

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Handling A Variety Of Personal Injury Claims

Attorney Joseph A. DeWoskin has more than 25 years of legal experience. He handles a wide variety of personal injury cases, including those involving a soft tissue injuries such as:

  • Concussion

  • Nerve damage

  • Joint dislocation

  • Back injuries

  • Whiplash and other neck injuries, including herniated or slipped discs

To help you get the compensation you need and deserve, our firm can conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and help ensure that you get an accurate medical diagnosis. Based on that information, we will give you an honest evaluation of what you can expect. We set realistic expectations, and we never promise you anything more than what we believe we can deliver.

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If you are suffering from a soft tissue injury, you can count on us to work hard to help you get full and fair compensation. For a free consultation to discuss your case, call us locally at 913-738-9416, or send us an email. We are here to help.